Singapore Catalysis Society Mini Lecture Series


Singapore Catalysis Society Mini Lecture Series

Breakthrough Theatrette Level 4 Matrix, Biopolis 
9am - 11am
22 APR 09








Dr. Jens Rostrup-Nielsen


Haldor Topsoe , Denmark



An important feature of high temperature fuel cells is the possibility to make direct conversion of fuels in the anode chamber. This means a potential for high electric efficiency by coupling the heat from the electrochemical reaction with the endothermic reforming reaction of natural gas. The high efficiency results from thermodynamics, but there are practical difficulties to be solved. By adiabatic pre-reforming a number of fuels can be processed in the anode chamber maintaining the high efficiency. These include liquid hydrocarbons, methanol, and biofuels such as ethanol and biogas. Different applications of direct SOFC systems are being discussed.